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Heart of Texas Rally

2013 Heart of Texas
April 27, 2013

The 2013 Heart of Texas Rally (HOT) is accepting application from motorcyclists who love to spend a day traveling the highways and byways of Texas.
To best describe the Heart of Texas Rally, it is a simple scavenger hunt for the motorcycle enthusiast.  Starting anywhere within the Lone Star State, riders will have twelve hours to route themselves to the finish at the Holiday Inn, 2320 South Bridge in Brady, TX.  The main objective of the HOT rally is for cyclist to collect bonus points along the way.  All proceeds after administrative fees are donated to CASA Child Care of Brady, TX.

The Start:
At 0600 Central Standard Time on April 27, 2013, a rider will need to obtain a computer generated receipt with the correct date, time, and location from anywhere within the state of Texas.  This is required in order to verify start time. It is very important to acquire this receipt as described and turn it in with the rally envelope at the end of the Rally. It is up to the rider to make sure all the proper information is printed as described. Showing up at the finish without this receipt or with the incorrect information printed on the receipt will cost the rider all of their points.
A rider must acquire a start receipt before collecting any bonus points.

Gathering Bonuses:
On April 24, 2013, the HOT Rally Bonus Point List will be released. The Bonus Point List will include the name, a brief description, abbreviated directions, collection requirements and a GPS coordinate for each bonus location.  Some Bonus Point collection requirements can include a necessary photograph, a receipt, or an answer to a simple question.  Bonus photographs shall be taken by a digital camera with a removable memory card.  Please ensure only the required photographs are saved on the memory card.
Once the required start receipt has been obtained, a rider can begin to collect bonus points across the state of Texas and make their way to Brady, TX.  Each rider has 12 hours to complete this task and not a second more!  When arriving at Brady, TX, it is necessary to first check in with the Rally Master and staff by 1800 hours at the host hotel, the Holiday Inn Express, 2320 South Bridge St., the rallies final destination.  All cyclists then have until 1830 hours to turn in their camera memory card, all required receipts, and other bonus requirements. If a rider arrives a second past 1830, they will be considered Did Not Finish (DNF).

New for 2013 is a unique bonus that will be available to paid participants of the HOT Rally.  This unique bonus can be collected from February 23 to April 14th.  This unique bonus can help a rider’s Heart of Texas Rally  Bonus Points end total.   

General rules:
1. As a rider in the HOT Rally you will be expected to follow all the laws of the State of Texas, its counties, and municipalities. Do not ride recklessly and endanger others or yourself by excessive speed and poor riding decisions.
2. Wear the proper protective gear such as a helmet, eye protection, boots, gloves, and long pants.
3. As a rider in the HOT Rally, you shall have a street legal and properly functioning motorcycle. As a rider, you shall have proper insurance for the motorcycle that you will be operating during the Rally and a motorcycle endorsed license.
4. No Team riding. All riders of the HOT Rally shall collect their own bonuses and receipts.
5. Two up riders shall have a designated operator and a passenger. The passenger cannot operate the motorcycle at any time during the rally.
6. All bonus photographs shall have your rally flag included in the picture and be recognizable.
7. You must arrive and check in by 1800, a second past you will be considered DNF.
8. You must have your HOT Rally envelope handed in by 1830, a second past and you will be considered DNF.
9. The decisions of the rally master are final.


2013 Heart of Texas Rally
To register please send the following information and entry fee no later than April 12, 2013 to:

James Stovall
C/O 2013 Heart of Texas Rally
13115 NE 13th Ave.
Amarillo, Texas 79111

Your information:


Passenger name if applicable:

Make and model of the motorcycle you will be using for the Rally:

An email address that you will use for the Heart of Texas Rally updates and the bonus list:

Name of an emergency contact and phone number:


Any additional T-shirts will be $20 per shirt:

Note: Each participant will receive an official Heart of Texas t-shirt.

Entry Fee: $45 for single rider,  $55 for two up.

Please make checks payable to James Stovall.

Please note: I have the right to cancel the 2013 Heart of Texas Rally at any time before or on April 27, 2013. If the 2013 Heart of Texas Rally is canceled before or on April 12, 2013, all entry fees will be 100% refundable. After April 12, 2013, all fees will be refunded minus administration costs.

**Please note: I will not be using PayPal for the 2013 Heart of Texas Rally. 

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